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Monkey around <3

Lets all monkey till the sun comes down

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WARNING!!! You might wanna read before you friend me.
I will talk about thing you will not want to hear about. (sex, Periods, guys, Yaoi, Yuri, hentai...) which is all kept under cuts as a warning to all who dare click it!
Gotta complaint? take it up with Sephiroth and his pretty sword!!
I love his sword. ^_^
ALL CREDITS FOR MY ICONS ARE IN MY ICON JOURNAL wa_chanicons Please make sure I get you!
A few things about me
Full name: Ashley Lee Mintz (that is not my real last name it is my step dads. I feel I dont need the world to kno my real last name)
Age: 18
sex: Yes, please ^_^
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi.
Grammer and Spelling skills: There okay...Im just lazy and hate spell check XD
Status: Taken < 3
had sex before: yes. My first time was with an asain. a hot asain man < 3
Smoker/Drinker: No/Only on special days.
random: Okay people Im a hyper active teenage girl who has fallin in and out of love more times then she can count. Also just a little warning I curse like a sailor.
More random: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Childern everytime you look at porn god kills a cat!! THIS OF THOSE CATS!!
Sephiroth: How many cats have you killed today?
shut up...MY PARENTS LET ME!! *sticks toung out*
Current Fandom: BLEACH!!!!
Past fandoms: Gundam wing, Card captor Sakura, Sailor moon, DBZ, FMA, *goes on and on*
Meow: RAWR!!

Urahara is exiled love.

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Urahara x Ichigo is violent love!

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Master my joystick.

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Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

In the year 2005 I resolve to:
Have at least one orgasm per hour.

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Diru butts are love

Created by: wa666

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Shinya is evil LOVE

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Kyo is evil LOVE

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Kaoru is evil LOVE

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Toshiya is evil LOVE

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Die is evil LOVE

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Dir en grey is evil LOVE